Always Amazed ∞ Never Surprised

In today’s information-overloaded, multi-tasking, overstimulation of senses Lifestyle, one’s ability to be “Present” in the present, so her/his Presence adds tangible, memorable value into each interaction and relationship is elusive. For most, we demand value from others, but are limited in our effectiveness to intentionally add the “value” that we seek. The Presence Driven™ helps people overcome limitations through The Presence Driven™ Suite of programs, services, and resources that equip and empower them to grow into peak-performance leaders, both professionally and personally.

The Presence Driven™ Suite includes The Presence Driven Life™ coaching programs, Presence Driven™ membership communities/networks for individuals (leaders in life) and for-profit and not-for-profit organizational leadership, and Presence Driven™ Media, which produces multi-media resources.

Our peak performance Coaching program helps you overcome limitations by aligning Mindset & Intentional Action with your Faith to Generate Momentum, Accelerate Success, & Create Wealth, both professionally & personally, in 90 days or less. By the end of your Presence Driven Life™ experience, you will have a co-designed Full-Life Framework, which includes practical strategies & simple steps to effectuate real, transformative change at any age & from any starting position in life.

Presence Driven™ Media publishes books on religion, spirituality, self-help, with an emphasis on personal empowerment. We offer marketplace leadership development materials & content including multi-media & digital media. Additionally, Presence Driven™ related teachings that support the Presence Driven Life™ coaching programs offered in various print & digital formats.

The Marketplace Leaders’ membership network offers leadership development, coaching services, events, an online community, & support services. Business leaders including C-suite, Mid-managers, & Supervisors benefit from our Presence Driven™ Leadership Network programs & services, both online/virtual and offline/in-person events.

The Pastors & Ministry Leaders’ membership network offers Not-for-profit leadership development, personal & professional coaching services, retreats & events, an online community, & a variety of support services. All senior-level ministry and not-for-profit leaders benefit from our Presence Driven™ Leadership Network programs & services, both online/virtual and offline/in-person events.

This is the membership community for those who are “The Presence Driven™”. These individuals have completed The Presence Driven Life™ coaching program & have transitioned into the Presence-Driven™ Lifestyle experience. As we develop our Christian faith, experience personal growth & development, & support others, members gather here for networking & sharing inspirational & motivational news & stories with the intent of furthering self-improvement, challenging each other to grow in Kingdom Identity, & ministering to other members in the Presence-Driven™ Lifestyle community via print & multi-media postings & communications in a secure & supportive environment.