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Welcome The Presence-Driven™ Lifestyle. This is the membership community for “The Presence Driven™” who are individuals that have completed The Presence Driven Life™ coaching program and have transitioned into the Lifestyle experience. In order to encourage each other, as we develop our Christian faith, experience personal growth and development, and support others, we gather here for networking and sharing our inspirational and motivational news and stories with the intent of stimulating self-improvement, challenging and ministering to others who are moving from a Presence Driven Life™ to a Presence-Driven™ Lifestyle. The members of this community enjoy faith-based social networking, business networking, and ministry networking that fosters personal empowerment, motivation, relationships, self-improvement, self-fulfillment, and interpersonal communication skills. Christian ministry services, informational resources, prayer meetings, and additional insights into living a Spirit led life are offered to members, as are reviews and suggestions of faith-based books, programs, conferences, and gatherings/groups. Ministry resources and support groups are encouraged for those who are seeking to network with vocational religious leaders, as well as, marketplace leaders who want to connect, raise awareness of developments in the workplace, and offer consulting services to Christian church/ministry leaders and expand leadership networking.

Welcome to our community